Yellow Sapphire stone, also known as Pukhraj stone, is an extremely precious and yellow-coloredstructure gemstone of the Corundum family. This Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is consisting of corundum (aluminium oxide) and shaded with slight iron – the metal which leads to its beautiful yellow hue.


This Yellow Sapphire Stone represents Jupiter that holds a commanding position in the celestial sphere. Jupiter is one of the leading planets that can effectmany illnesses when placed in the wrong location, and it can damage your social or financial status. Yellow Sapphire Stone is one of the highly recognisable gemstones in astrology system worn for prosperity, happy marriage, boosted willpower, and a healthy posterity.

This stone has robust and positive energies that eliminate negativity from your aura.

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Stone:

  • Makes You Lucky
  • Brings You Prosperity
  • Improves the Intellect


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