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Fortune Door Pyramid is mostly designed to remove misalignment and Vidisha. As we know misalignment with the magnetic axis always creates so many problems in office, business premises and even homes that ultimately lead to drop in good fortune.Fortune Door Pyramid is simple to use. This opens a new virtual way to bring real good fortune in these premises.



Fortune Door Pyramid is designed by Dr. Jiten,removes all the difficulties rising out of misalignment with the magnetic axis and wrong placement of doors. Now-a-days many buildings are built without consulting Vastu consultants which results in misalignment with the magnetic axis.

This leads to the Vidisha in Office, Homes etc. This misalignment leads to numerous problems. The problems can arise in severity as the misalignment with the magnetic axis rises. These days’ buildings are mostly designed by architects to extract maximum flats. Also the doors are not positioned where they are required. This leads to drop in good luck, wealth and harmony. Thus, Fortune Door Pyramid is mainly designed to recover the defects erupted due to misalignment of magnetic axis.

How to Use Fortune door Pyramid?

Jiten Fortune Door Pyramid is very simple to use. The centre of the premises (Office or Home) is the best place to use the Fortune Door (Vastu Pyramid) Pyramid. By using two brass screws fix the Fortune Door Jiten Pyramid at a height slightly higher than a normal door.

Fortune Door Pyramid Benefits:

This opens a new way to bring in peace andprosperity in these premises In homes it will bring in progress, harmony, better opportunities and wealth. In business places it will bring more clienteles, a larger & faster turnover, and newer prospects to increase wealth.


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