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It protects the house from negative energy from outside.




A very awesome tool, Pyra Band Pyramid, keeps unfavorable energy out from the house. It protects the house from negative energy from outside. This protects the entrance of the main door, toilets, bedroom and kitchen It creates a safeguard against the negative energy originating from attached toilets in room. Pyra Band Pyramid is very effective for use in kitchen, toilets, staircase and a cut corner in house. If you are seeking Vastu for toilets or Vastu for bathroom, Pyra Band Pyramid is most suitable for you. There are numerous types of unhealthy negative energy, which radiates from attached bathrooms and toilets. This particular brand new device keeps you away from such negative energy. AstroDevam offers you well-energized and programmed Pyra band.
It helps in creating partitions, closing doors etc.

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